English Language Courses and Seminars

Our English language methodology is based on the most advanced Canadian language teaching methodology which delivers quick and effective results. Our students very rapidly learn to use the true, spoken and written English language and are able to effectively communicate with the Native Speakers. Success in our English language courses will enable you to compete in international market after getting equipped with common international language. In addition, our English language courses facilitate students’ admission to the World's best universities - in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. and obtaining better jobs.

Professional Business Training

Our Professional Business Seminars are the best in the business and provide practical, innovative and time-tested solutions. In addition, they increase their participants’ competitiveness on the job market and increase revenues and profits of their firms. Our business training seminars and workshops give their participants practical, hands-on problem-solving skills and are ideally tailored to their needs and expectations. The seminars/courses also provide their participants with the new, practical knowledge and business skills as well as new abilities and skills in specific business areas. In addition, our business seminars teach effective implementations of the newly acquired skills and abilities, leading to the increase of the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of the participants of our seminars and their firms.


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Some of our clients


"Effective Business Master Negotiations in English” seminar is an excellent seminar on negotiations, providing a lot practical knowledge and improving my negotiation skills.

John Jarvis

Development Director
International Organization

"Effective Business Communication in English” seminar is the best English language course I’ve ever taken.

Sylvia Peabody

Sales Executive

"Effective Business Correspondence in English allowed me to enhance my business correspondence writing skills and getting a promotion. I’d strongly recommend the course.

Janis Johnson

Executive Assistant to the President

"Intermediate Business English” is a great course, rapidly improving my abilities to properly speak and write English.

Edwardo Nunez

Sales Executive

"Effective Business Master Negotiations in English” seminar provided me with new tools to greatly improve my negotiation skills. I’d highly recommend it.

Albert Graham

National Sales Director

"Advanced Business English" course helped to communicate effectively in English. I’d strongly recommend it.

William Smith

Marketing Manager