The Beginners Business English course is an intensive training in English which develops and expand one’s knowledge of English language, allowing him/her to communicate with Native Speakers.  During the training its participants will learn proper and effective communication, both verbal and written, in English so as to  improve their skills in communicating with Native Speakers. The method used in the course is based on the most advanced and effective Canadian method of teaching English which objective is to teach participants to very quickly communicate with English speaking people.  The course will also improve its participants’ English language skills needed at work, school or university.

The course is dedicated to business people, financiers, diplomates, journalists, managers and all others who want to learn English and be able to communicate with Native Speakers.  During the course its participants will learn to read texts with understanding and will learn to understand speeches and talks during business meetings, conferences, in a radio, television, etc.  A specially selected texts related to the current events in the economy, business, politics, etc., will be adopted for the purpose of teaching and will emphasize key vocabulary, nomenclature, idioms and word combinations used in specific business situations and in specific industries.  The participants will also learn the newest expressions and word combinations in the areas of the economy, finances, politics and business.

The Beginners Business English course will also teach its participants to be able to convey specific information and express their own opinions and conclusions, both in writing and orally and will allow them to maintain conversations on a professional, economic and business topics.  During the course the participants will have the possibility to practice and improve their linguistic skills in business situations, such as business meetings, business conversations, business presentations, etc.

In addition, the course’s participants will learn current economic, political and business vocabulary and expressions.  They will also be able to read texts with comprehension and will be able to describe them, both verbally and in writing and express their own opinions, and conclusions.


The participants will learn:

  • Proper grammar of the English language
  • Proper communication in English with Native Speakers
  • How to establish effective relations with foreigners.
  • Parts of sentences and how to use them
  • How to create proper sentences in English
  • How to create proper paragraphs in English
  • Tenses and their consistent use
  • Principles of Effective Verbal Communication
  • Principles of effective written communication
  • Formal and informal English
  • When to use formal language and when to use informal one
  • Proper language & expressions in business communication


The Beginners Business English course has a workshop character.  The course consists of theoretical part combined with multimedia presentations.  During the course its participants will learn and study many practical styles of communications in English, will review actual case studies and will gain much of hands on experience.  The participants, in addition to gaining knowledge on business communication, will have the possibility to immediately test their newly acquired knowledge in practice and test and improve their skills in business communication. During the course the participants will be working individually, in pairs and in groups, and audios and videos recordings may be used for training purposes.  The trainer may also use tests, quizzes and homework to speed up the learning process.

The above course description is for the introduction purposes only. All our course s are prepared based on the detailed analysis of our Clients’ needs and are adjusted to their needs and expectations. The program maybe enriched by vocabulary and business expressions specific to a particular industry.   The program may also be adjusted to the needs and expectations of our Clients and to the knowledge and skills of the participants.

Each participant will receive a CERTIFICATE of completion of the course.


Place: to be agreed

Price: to be agreed

The price includes training and training materials in paper and electronic form, consultations after the training, certificates in two language versions.


Matthew Boyd, M.B.A., B. Comm., C.F.E. – a Canadian businessmen and lecturer with over 30 years of practical business experience.  Secretary of the Committee of the Minister of Revenue Canada, taking minutes of meetings and writing minutes, protocols and correspondence for the President of the Committee and its various members.  Experienced Auditor conducting full-fledged internal audits and writing concise and comprehensive reports and correspondence.    Experienced business trainer and English language teacher, speaker and lecturer.  Possesses many years of experience in preparing and conducting different business seminars. Developed an effective methodology to teach English and prepare his students for exams such as Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, IELTS, LCCI English for Business, TOLES, GMAT, New High School Certificate in English, etc. Developed and conducted specific seminars in English such as Effective Business Negations in English,  Legal English, Business English, English for Managers, Executive English, Effective Business Correspondence in English, Effective Public Speaking And Business Presentations In English and many, many more. Able to prepare any type of business seminar in English in accordance with his clients’ needs.

The benefits of our training.

A great deal of knowledge delivered by experienced trainers which you can immediately use in your work or private live. New tools which you can immediately implement in your workplace which will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your firm’s operations, gain new customers and improve your firm’s image. Training which is geared to your expectations and needs. Course manual and manuscript in paper and electronic form. Trainer’s support in a form of private consultations for the period of up to 6 months after the course. We choose the best catering during the entire course. Organize our seminars and business trainings in the most attractive locations, so that you can combine business with pleasure. The participants of our trainings retain a feeling of well spent time with us.

Why should you learn/train with us?

Our main priority is satisfaction of out Clients. Each and every language course or business training is based on our Clients needs and expectations. We make sure that in addition to gaining new knowledge and expertise our Clients, through brainstorming and discussions which take place during the training, gain also new experiences, inspirations and new ideas. We also make sure that our Clients gain a great deal of motivation to implement and use this newly acquired knowledge and expertise which will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Our trainings teach the newest business solutions and methods which provide our Clients with the completive advantage and give them a leg up on the competition. More over, they increase their and their employers’ effectiveness and efficiency. Our Clients fully understand and appreciate the process of continuous education and improvement of their skills since that is the main reason for their success. Satisfaction and appreciation of our Clients are the living proof that our seminars and courses provide a great deal of knowledge, are professional and are of the highest quality.